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It is the responsibility of each person accessing “the Website” to evaluate the accuracy and completeness of any content. Red Rock Training does not make any representations or warranties in relation to the content appearing on "the Website", which also contains images and content that may be protected by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. “The Website” also contains links to third party websites and to material and information created and maintained by organisations other than Red Rock Training. The inclusion of a link is not intended to reflect the importance of the third party materials accessed through it, nor is it intended to endorse any views expressed, accuracy of material, products or services offered or other information made available on a third party website and accessed by means of the link.

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No pages on “the Website” may be copied, downloaded, printed or circulated to others, whether they be; employees, agents, representatives, clients or any other third party without specific written consent from Red Rock Training.

Access to content on “the Website” can be done so within a course specific agreement or through a library access agreement, making the purchase of access either by Card, BACs or Paypal payment. Costs associated with access will be invoiced under specific agreement or through generic Terms and Conditions (as outlined) and failure to make payment within the timescales agreed/printed on requests for payment/invoices will result in either a late payment charge of 8% of the value of the invoice or the cancellation of any agreed discount for the period (whichever is the greater).

In addition, access to “the Website” under any form of agreement with a client offers access solely to employees of the client named on the original (or any subsequent) invoice. Use of “the Website” and its content by anyone other than individuals directly employed by that client is prohibited and full RRP for each programme accessed will be charged to the client under the Terms of Use.